Song Update: “Castalia”

I live! >_> <_<

I have unfortunately been dealing with some health problems, which is part of the reason I needed to assert my not-deadness. Thanks to all those who have been patiently waiting. ❤

This song is one that I conceived for FAWM, but didn’t get written in time. It took me some tweaking before I got it the way I wanted it. We’re back in the realm of Greek mythology! I have already written a song about Lethe, but it occurred to me that there are other mystical bodies of water in the same tradition. Since natural phenomena are typically personified in mythology (whether strictly deities or not), I wondered what a couple of very dissimilar watery entities would say to each other. This is what came out.

P.S. – Castalia is a spring blessed by Apollo. What it does to humans is made pretty clear in the song.

By Gabrielle G.

I am the font of inspiration,
Bright and cold as the morn,
I am your sacred invocation
For all that will be born,

I’ve drawn from wells arriving empty,
Those who crave the divine,
Your muse needs but a single entry,
You’ll seek what you will find.

Blinding as the sun, he’ll come in chariot blazing,
Your time has begun, for you’ll see what hid deep,
Drink of me, and I can promise you star-gazing,
You will know the heavens dancing as you sleep,
Secrets that you can no longer keep.

You are the font of inspiration,
A gift some wish not to know,
You are the source of rumination,
That from which nightmares flow,

I am the waterway of quiet,
When years drive men insane,
My river heals those who would try it,
They surface free of pain.

Down below the earth are powers of unmaking,
All who doubt your worth, let go of yesteryear,
Drink of me, and I can calm your hands still shaking,
Fears, regrets, and mourning all will disappear,
There’s but one way out once you come here.

I am their insight to creation,
You mend cracks I create,
But you’re no lasting consolation,
Returning is their fate,

So whose is the higher endeavor,
You wash memories out,
But I can safeguard them forever,
That’s all men dream about.

Lethe’s draught is pure, and silences what’s screaming,
But it’s not a cure when there’s another dawn,
They’ll forget the past, but they will keep on dreaming,
And they will recall the future once it’s gone,
Better to make legends that live on.


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