Song Update: “Morning Star”

So a while back, I posted this song about Baltic sun/moon mythology. I am particularly fond of both the song and topic, so I started thinking for FAWM 2017: what would it have been like from another viewpoint? What if the narrative comes from the aforementioned morning star? So I looked up more about this deity specifically, and lo and behold, interesting twists abound. This song is her story, which is slightly different from that of the moon god. I do love my alternate perspectives.

Hope you enjoy. 🙂

Morning Star
by Gabrielle G.

Well before the hour that your journey starts,
I light fires to show the way,
In your palace chamber, you dream of peace,
But I must prepare for day,

I will guard the door to the path you tread,
I’ll protect the gates as you forge ahead,
I stand watch when you are asleep in bed,
But you’ll always turn away.

You are the sun, mother sun,
And I serve you as your child,
I desire your love as you soar above,
How I miss the days you smiled,

I am the star, morning star,
You have spurned me, yet I’ve stayed,
I desire your grace, but I know my place
And the grave mistake I made.

Daughters often yearn for their mothers’ pride,
And they fumble desperately,
I cannot condone my behavior then,
But I beg you pardon me,

He approached and carried me off my course,
He was in control, a seductive force,
Though the moon reflects what’s within the source,
I was wrong to let it be.

You are the sun, mother sun,
He is your love to entice,
For the moon is bright, but he was not right,
To be broken is his price,

I am the star, morning star,
I have salvaged what I can,
Though I’m loyal to every mote of you,
You forgive no child or man.

I am the star, morning star,
And Aušrine is my name,
I have lost it all, but I will stand tall,
I’ve none but myself to blame,

You are the sun, mother sun,
You’re the light of all who live,
I’ll sustain the fires that your path requires,
Maybe one day you’ll forgive.


P.S. – Couldn’t get the special Unicode character for the “e” to work right. It’s pronounced Owsh-ree-nay.


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