Song Update: “Alina”

I have another genuine filk! I recently finished the Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo (which you should all read, because it is amazing), and was inspired to write a song from a female character’s point of view. Minor spoilers for the second book, Crooked Kingdom, but nothing earthshaking that would ruin the entire series. Go read it!

Inej is an acrobat-turned-spy who plays a major role in the story. One interesting thing about her is her staunch religious beliefs, including faith in a Saint who was the main character in Bardugo’s first trilogy. This is Inej’s song.

by Gabrielle G.

Sankta Alina, protect me this day,
The moment when all facades will fall away,
I’m scaling the Church and its dome high above,
And I look on this splendor and squalor with love,
And I look on my city with love.

Sankta Alina, you stand by my side,
You adorn me with honor, a banner of pride,
I’m under attack, as I’ve been for so long,
For my very existence to many is wrong,
I will show them that you’re never wrong.

Ketterdam’s symbol has always been gold,
Something to hoard once the bells have all tolled,
Something to treasure that no one else can,
But I find my treasure in my fellow man.

Sankta Alina, you’re gleaming and bright,
Although my opponent was born for this fight,
Fish trapped in a Barrel will die or breathe air,
I’ll always believe what you stand for is fair,
Those who live know that life is not fair.

Sankta Alina, she’s pure deadly grace,
I fear I am not the last foe she will face,
But then I recall who depends on my skill,
I cannot forsake him, he’s waiting there still,
And I feel the world shudder, then still.

Ketterdam’s mantra is “tend to your own”,
Among gangs and loyalties, no one’s alone,
But fend for yourself, or you’ll perish in shame,
They think me a wraith, for I have changed the game.

Sankta Alina, you’ve treated me well,
I’ve witnessed the instant she stumbled and fell,
Shattered on cobblestones, destined to break,
For to be without honor’s an awful mistake,
Her hubris was her last mistake.

Sankta Alina, like heroes of old,
Like the name of the saint on the blade that I hold,
You’re beauty and reverence, but death in the field,
I could not have guessed what this city would yield,
In Ketterdam, I’ll never yield,
For Alina’s my hope and my shield.


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